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Rahul Gandhi is being criticized for his statements which are being termed as ‘anti-women’. He recently said that there is validity in the ‘tradition’ which needs to be protected. This statement is opposed to his earlier views where he believed that women should have equal rights.

Actually, he said that he thinks that both sides of the argument are important. Be it of women’s rights or that of the tradition itself. This shows that he either lacks the courage to take a political stand or this is for political gains for the upcoming elections as Kerala has 20 Lok Sabha seats.

Sabarimala issue is related to the entry of women of ‘reproductive age’ into the temple. This was itself allowed by Supreme Court and is protected as a right by the constitution. Despite protesting for ‘women rights’ for the past 3 months, Rahul Gandhi has backed off from his stand.

He instead believes that even the ‘tradition’ can be a strong point-of-view and has enough logic to stop women’s entry into the temple. This is a sheer case of discrimination and Congress president seems to go with it. If not fully, then partly. If he fails to take a stand for women’s rights now, then:

Will ‘half-population’ of the country vote for his “safe politics” in Lok Sabha elections?